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Night Nappy

Night Nappy

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Heavy Wetter Fitted Night Nappy
One of our favourite and most used nappies! This is the workhorse for us and our heavy wetting, tummy sleeping boy! This is a fitted style nappy which means the whole thing can get wet and will require a cover (we love wool), it consists of 2 layers of heavy bamboo fleece in the shell with a microfleece lining for the stay dry layer. 
This nappy comes with two thirsty inserts for maximum absorbency. The snake style insert is topped with microfleece to ensure bub is feeling dry all night. What makes this nappy truly awesome (and different from current night nappies a available on the market) is the front wetting insert, this consists of 2 layers of heavy bamboo fleece topped with microfleece for the stay dry layer. This insert is a God sent for those tummy sleeping heavy front wetter’s! 
This is a OSFM nappy which features a fold down rise setting to allow it to fit from 6kgs (though it will be bulky) through to toddler hood! I have also included cross over snaps as the bamboo wings are super stretchy. This nappy is overlocked around the edges to ensure