DIY Nappy Pack - Shell Only
DIY Nappy Pack - Shell Only

DIY Nappy Pack - Shell Only

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These packs are everything you need in order to make 1 nappy shell. You may be unsure where to start or just not wanting to invest to much money buying materials from other places and paying multiple shipping - well this may be for you. 

These packs include:

1 x 55cmx55cm cut of PUL (the print is random) 

1 x 55cmx55cm cut of Suedecloth (inner material) 

Snaps - 26 Sockets, 18 Studs and 44 caps (this is enough for the Happy Hippos Flex pattern including 2 white sockets for the inner shell if making an Ai2 style) 

60cm of poly braided elastic

I have a YouTube Channel which has a DIY napping making series on there if you need help with the process of making your nappy! There are also other tutorials that may help you to. This paick has all you need to start your nappy shell however its BYO Pattern, Sewing Machine and threads!

Please note pictures are examples only and will not necessarily be the print sent. Snaps will co-ordinate to the print but will not necessarily match displayed pictures.