Care Instructions


Cleaning your nappies is very important and the most frequently asked question when someone is looking into starting cloth is - "How do you clean them"? Well caring for your Cheeky Little Bums cloth nappies is super easy and if you are using an adequate wash routine then you do not need to change a thing. 

For those who are new to cloth, there are Facebook Groups dedicated to helping you keep those nappies sparkling clean! Simply go to your Facebook Group search option to get started! 

These nappies have been tested to withstand washing at 60 degrees using mainstream detergent such as Omo. My prewash routine consists of a daily cycle at 40 degrees which lasts about 40 minutes. For my main wash, I do 60 degrees on a cotton cycle for 2 hours and 45 minutes. I use half a scoop of Omo powder in my prewash and 1 and a half scoops in my main wash. My machine is an 8.5kg washer dryer combo. 

Please note that the above routine is specific to my machine though it does provide you with a basis on getting your nappies clean! However, your routine will depend on factors such as water hardness, detergent choice, machine capacity and load size and as such my routine may not work for you. 

Cotton Lycra

Your Cheeky Pants are made with high quality cotton lycra and unlike PUL, cotton lycra has a tendency to fade with high temperature washing. It is recommended to wash no higher then 40c. I personally wash my Cheeky Pants with my clothing instead of my nappies to help keep those colours vibrant! Washing with like colours (eg black with blacks, colour with colours and white with whites) will also help minimise the loss of vibrancy in the prints and any colour run. 

Cheeky pants are all a grow with me style and as such you will need to fold the leg and waist bands up and down depending on your child's shape. They have a sewn in crutch liner to help stretch that little extra over fluffy butts but also to help strengthen the crutch seams. For more information or to see other beautiful creations please come join us on our Facebook group Cheeky Little Bums VIP'S