Caring for your Products


Cleaning your nappies is very important and the most frequently asked question when someone is looking into starting cloth is - “How do you clean them?” Well caring for your Cheeky Little Bums cloth nappies and clothing is super easy if you keep three things in mind; good detergent, pre/main wash cycles and heat. An easy saying to keep in mind is make laundry not landfill!

It’s as simple as rinse, store, wash, dry and repeat!

1) Rinse it

If the nappy is just wet then you do not need to rinse simply separate the inserts from the shell and place all into an open airy basket. Any “solids” should be removed using toilet paper and put into the toilet, rinse any remaining residue, squeeze excess water out and then place into your basket/dry pail. We also use cloth wipes and these can go straight into the same basket (just rinse any solids off).

We have our basket on top of our front loading washing machine, we is next to the laundry sink for us. This makes a perfect spray station for cleaning cloth nappies!

2) Store it

You can use a variety of things to store your dirty nappies in however we recommend a nice airy open basket, a normal washing basket is perfect. Never store your nappies in water this can cause a drowning hazard as well as promote bacterial growth.

Though many people believe that having your dirty nappies out in the open may stink the place up, it’s actually the opposite the more air flow the nappies can get the less they will smell!

3) Wash it

Pre wash nappies (daily or every second day) on a 40-60° daily/short cycle with good mainstream detergent (we use Omo and half a scoop). You should aim for a cycle length no longer then 40 minutes.

Main wash on a long warm/hot 40-60° cycle (such as cotton, heavy, main etc) with good mainstream detergent (we use Omo with 1 and 1/2 scoops). Fill your drum up 3/4 full with prewashed nappies. If you have a top loader you want your nappies to be a stew like so not to full or under loaded.

The cycle length will vary based on machines however if you have a front loader this can be as long as 3 hours (ours is 2 hours 45 minutes), a top loader can be about an hour and half to 2 hours. 

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Your Cheeky clothing is made with high quality cotton lycra and unlike PUL, cotton lycra has a tendency to fade with high temperature washing. It is recommended to wash no higher then 40c. I personally wash my Cheeky Pants with my clothing instead of my nappies to help keep those colours vibrant! Washing with like colours (eg black with blacks, colour with colours and white with whites) will also help minimise the loss of vibrancy in the prints and any colour run. 

Cheeky pants are all a grow with me style and as such you will need to fold the leg and waist bands up and down depending on your child's shape. They have a sewn in gussest liner to help stretch that little extra over fluffy bottoms but also to help strengthen the inner leg seams. 

We have created the pictures on this page so that your able to save these for future use!